The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way education is delivered to students, but it also may be causing another issue that could last after the pandemic has ended. 

Perry Schools Superintendent Clark Wicks says since the pandemic began he has seen an increase in issues with kids falling behind in their classes which has the potential to cause lasting effects. 

“With that, we see this bubble that is being created right now of students that are not meeting their credit qualifications, some of the work expectations at the younger level and that equals a challenge that I consider a COVID-19 bubble that we are going to be dealing with for the next couple years.”

Wicks says what is happening is students are falling behind or failing, which is also impacting other aspects of growth.  

“As they increase in their chronological age, they are not increasing in their academic, their physical, their emotional growth.”

Wicks says this has the potential to cause more students who may need more assistance to continue on with their schooling.