The Guthrie County Department of Public and Environmental Health revealed an update to their website with COVID-19 vaccination information.

Director Jotham Arber says the new website features vaccination information, as well as the the phases and eligibility, and information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about the vaccine.

Arber says the new site should give county residents a useful resource to answer questions or express concerns.

“I think this will be a helpful resource for the community that they can kind of see what’s going on in Guthrie County. There’s also a chat box, and a lot of people have been utilizing that and that comes directly to my cell phone, so that when people ask questions, I can answer those questions. There’s also a video on how the vaccine works.”

A signup form is also available on the page, and people will be able to schedule their vaccination when the state moves into later phases. Arber is hopeful that Phase 1B will begin in February.

To view the new page, click here.