The Guthrie County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday in regular session.

The Board approved the appointment of Stacy Harris-Molina to the county veterans affairs commission, a payroll change notice for Guthrie County Dispatcher Pierre Kellogg as presented, amending the Iowa Department of Transportation Five-Year Construction Program to include a couple of tax increment financing funded bridges for this year, establishing a county facilities construction fund for $525,000 for pre-determined projects as presented, change orders for the law enforcement center project as presented, and a fireworks permit for Jeff Hachmeister. 

Additionally, the Board set May 11th at 9am for a public hearing to consider refinancing up to $8,935,000 for general obligation refunding loan agreement, and heard several 2021 fiscal year budget amendments. County Engineer Josh Sebern is proposing an additional $680,000 of expenses with $495,000 for additional revenues for both the county and DOT budgets. Next, the Board heard another amendment from Sheriff Marty Arganbright for about $21,000 for purchasing two canines. 

Finally, the Board heard a couple of department updates. Sebern noted that he has hired two more employees for secondary roads and is looking to purchase an excavator. Public Health Director Jotham Arber anticipated having 75-percent of the county vaccinated against COVID-19 by July, with only 1,800 people away from reaching that goal.