The Guthrie County Public Health Department has been working lots of hours during the entire COVID-19 global pandemic. 

Public Health Director Jotham Arber appreciates the work of not only the nurses, who provide home care visits as well as delivering vaccines into everyone’s homes that want one, but also the extent of the volunteers.

“We have retired nurses who have come back to help us through this pandemic that are just fantastic. The (Guthrie County) hospital and the public health department here in Guthrie County have been working hand-in-hand. They send nurses to us when we’re having clinics. We provide vaccines to them and send nurses to clinics that they need, and then organize all of that.”

Arber also thanks the communities for their continued support.

“It was through community funding that we were able to purchase the software that we use that people can sign up for these clinics online. The buzzer system, if you’ve been to one of our clinics that you see, that help us keep things organized. It’s kind of like the Texas Roadhouse. You get a buzzer, it goes off, you come on in, it’s a great thing. But all of those things are from the community.”

Guthrie County Public Health continues its goal of vaccinating at 75-percent of the county by July.