With summer in full swing, more families may be traveling and there are important reminders for safety during the pandemic. 

Dallas County Health Department Public Information Officer Ann Cochran says an important thing to remember while out traveling, whether that be by a plane or by a vehicle, is the people you are going to be around.

“You are going to be in among a lot of people who you have no idea where they have been or who they have been with. Keep in mind that it’s not a bad idea to wear a mask and let’s all be kind to others if you see someone wearing a mask and you think that it isn’t necessary.”

Cochran tells Raccoon Valley Radio people should be aware of other circumstances for others who may be wearing a mask for their own reasons. 

“If you are in a place outdoors and you are not crowded up next to a lot of strangers, if you want to wear a mask outside that is up to you. People have to take their own health into consideration and also just be aware of what you might pick up and then carry back to your home community.”

Cochran reminds Dallas County residents that vaccinations are still available for those who want one. For more information about that, you can go here.