First year head coach Tori Ogden met with her Greene County girls’ basketball team this week to begin summer workouts. She talked with Raccoon Valley Radio about what was accomplished. “This week we started our workouts and we went Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I had them go through a shooting workout as well as ball handling. It’s just been real good to be in the gym with them and see what personnel I’m dealing with.”

The Rams haven’t won more games than they’ve lost in a girls’ basketball season in a while, although the win totals have increased from one to three to six in recent campaigns. The coach was asked what her expectations are for the 2021-22 season. “It’s really going to be the progress we can see from day one. So, we started Monday and I’m really excited to see what we do in February and March, and seeing their improvements fundamentally, mentally, all of that.”

The coach also plans on hosting basketball camps this summer, not only for high school age players, but down to the elementary school level as well.