At the Perry City Council meeting on Monday, the Council approved a gift of property to the Perry Community School District for the building of a home, something the City has historically done in the past. 

City Administrator Sven Peterson says in 2016 the City conducted a study on its current housing situation. He explains one of the recommendations was to work with two entities. 

“One of the recommendations that came out of that study was working with the Perry Community School District to build a house with a building trades program through the high school and DMACC each year. Not only to add some housing stock to the community but also to help train and prepare our students to go out after high school and either go into additional schooling through college or directly into the workforce.”

Peterson tells Raccoon Valley Radio the program is going into its  third year of building a house, whereas before students were just in the classroom working with smaller models. Peterson says it’s an important program.

“So, to be able to make a partnership like this between the City, the school district and DMACC is really forward thinking for our community to be able to address some of our issues as well as provide a really great educational experience for our local students.”

The Perry Community School District recently sold a home built by the building trades program for $260,000.