The coronavirus pandemic continues to be a public health crisis as people continue to be vaccinated, but another illness is important to get vaccinated against as well. 

Dallas County Health Department Public Information Officer Ann Cochran says people should remember to get their flu shots this year as last year people were more diligent with social distancing and wearing face masks, which Cochran says has changed this year.  

“Now that people are vaccinated against COVID they aren’t being as careful. That may mean influenza will spread significantly this year. Flu shots are available at most pharmacies throughout Dallas County and are typically available at primary clinics, all you have to do is ask.”

Cochran tells Raccoon Valley Radio it’s especially important for people to get their flu shots as if someone were to get COVID-19 and the flu at the same time it could potentially be a dangerous situation.

“Both of those diseases are respiratory and could have the potential for someone to really get ill and end up hospitalized on a ventilator and that sort of thing. That would be a terrible mix.”

For a full list of where you can be vaccinated against COVID-19 and receive a flu shot in Dallas County you can go here.