The Raccoon Valley Radio-listening area has minimal new COVID-19 cases. 

According to the Iowa Department of Public Health as of Monday, Guthrie County has seen an increase of 34 new positive tests since March 1st with 2,584  total positive tests, and a total of 45 deaths. Greene County has 1,886 total positive cases, for an increase of eight cases in the past month, with a total of 21 deaths. Adair County has 1,583 total positive cases, for an increase of 13 since March 1st, and a total of 51 deaths. Dallas County has 26,556 total positive tests, for an increase of 704 as of March 1st and a total of 141 deaths. 

As of Monday, statewide, there are 853,035 total positive tests, and 9,402 deaths.