With warmer weather and several crashes this past weekend involving motorcycles, it’s a good time to review some safety tips.

Greene County Sheriff Jack Williams offers some ways for motorcyclists to be more visible to the other motorists.

“During the day time use as many lights you have on it, your high beams, low beams, use them to give people that much more visibility. Then just basically as a motorcycle rider you’ve got to drive more offensively than defensively because a lot of people don’t pay attention or see the motorcycle coming down the road.” 

As for other motorists, Williams advises being aware of your surroundings for the possibility of motorcycles being in the area.

“A motorcycle can be hidden behind a semi or a pickup (truck). So you might see the pickup and as it goes past you, look to your left or right, don’t see anything else coming towards you, so you pull out because you didn’t see the motorcycle. So just need to pay a little more attention to what’s going on around the vehicles that you are waiting for.”   

Williams adds to also look over your shoulder to check your blind spot before changing lanes or passing other vehicles to make sure there are no motorcycles hidden or not seen.