The West Central Valley Wildcats started the week off with a non-conference game for the boys team, and a conference game for the girls team. The girls hosted the Pleasantville Trojans, and took an early lead by going up 18-14 at the end of the first quarter. The Trojans brought things closer in the second, with West Central Valley going into halftime with a 28-27 lead. The Wildcats outscored the Trojans 18-13 in the third to go up 46-40, but only scored 6 in the fourth, allowing Pleasantville to tie things up before the end of regulation. In overtime, the Wildcats would come out on top, with a final score of 63-58.

The boys team traveled to Perry to take on the Bluejays. The Wildcats started off slow, trailing the Bluejays 8-20 at the end of the first. West Central Valley was able to hold Perry back in the second though, bringing the game to a 20-27 deficit before going into the halftime break. The Wildcats were outscored the rest of the game though, ending with a 46-61 loss.