As school is back in full swing and the fall semester just kicked off there are safety concerns for people to remember. 

Adel-DeSoto-Minburn School Student Resource Officer Monte Keller says that he wants students to use pedestrian safety practices when walking or riding their bike to school. Keller says those include using crosswalks, obeying traffic signs and utilizing the buddy system. Keller tells Raccoon Valley Radio that motorists will need to be cautious around a school zone. He mentions that there will be an extra stop sign placed on 14th and Greene Street and flashing lights initiated on highway 169 during, before and after school hours as traffic control devices. 

Flashing yellow lights are there as a warning to drivers to slow down to 35 mph in that specific area. Those lights are not on when it’s not school time, so they’re programmed to come on. So we need drivers to pay close attention.”

Keller also wants to remind students to use the marked crosswalk near the 600 block of Nile Kinnick Drive South when walking to the middle school or high school. For more information use the link here.