Front: Hailey Saffell, Paige Bryson, Jazmine Butterfield, Adara Hoover, Kelsi Miller Back: Beau Davis, Dylan Cullum, Thomas Sanders, Dane Pedersen, Gavin Trecker Not Pictured: Hailey Hoyle. Photo courtesy of P-C Schools

The Paton-Churdan Homecoming Week is already underway. 

This year’s theme is “Win Like Barbie” and the daily dress up days reflect the theme. Monday was “Career Barbie” where students and staff dressed up like anything Barbie. Today is “Sleepover Barbie” and wear pajamas just like Barbie. Wednesday is “Barbie v. Ken Day” and people can sport their style for either Barbie or Ken. Thursday is “Barbie Through the Decades” and people are encouraged to dress to represent history like Barbie. 

Finally on Friday is “School Spirit Barbie” and everyone can show their school spirit, just like Barbie. Kindergarten through fifth graders are to wear Rocket and/or Ram gear, sixth grade is orange, seventh grade is white, eighth grade is black, high school freshmen are red, sophomores are white, juniors are gray and seniors are black. 

Additionally, the homecoming king and queen coronation ceremony takes place on Thursday after the home high school volleyball match against West Harrison. P-C Secretary Heather Lansman invites everyone to attend the volleyball match and coronation ceremony. She adds all kindergarten through 12th grade students from P-C and Greene County will get in for free that evening.