Swimming pools are a favorite summertime activity, but there can be situations where drowning is a real concern.

Community Health Educator Natalie Peters at the Dallas County Health Department details that drowning can sometimes occur if proper preparations are not followed. She advises against people swimming alone or while impaired. Peters notes that most swimming related accidents are caused from too much consumption of alcohol and people taking drugs that will cause drowsiness. If a person begins to drown, she suggests keeping your emotions in check.

“It’s important to stay calm as best you can in a scary situation like that because tense muscles use more oxygen. So, you want to preserve your oxygen, so relaxing the best you can will help you with that.”

Another piece of advice Peters explains is for people to float on their back in order to keep their head above water. She adds that swimming in areas where lifeguards are present will provide an extra set of eyes for children and adults.