The Stuart Police Department Community Programs has wrapped up their summer programs for the year.

Sergeant Katie Guisinger says that there were four different programs, with two focused on the outdoors, and two that took them into Des Moines. She mentions that they had a lot of children attend the outdoor events, and tells Raccoon Valley Radio what they did for those programs.

“First camp, we went to Springbrook (State Park), and that was kind of the water based camp. Exploring what the park offers, from fishing to kayaking to exploring the creek. And then the second camp, we went to Springbrook again and did more land based activities. They were looking at hiking, and the DNR did an animal program, and brought out some of her educator assistants, namely turtles, and a fox snake, and then some pelts for the kids to kind of look at and learn about.”

Guisinger explains that the other programs were a trip to the Blank Park Zoo, and to an Iowa Cubs baseball game. She adds that the children enjoyed both events, as they were able to see all the different animals at the zoo, and enjoy a professional level sporting event, along with having some snow cones at the Cubs game.