chip baltimoreDiscussions about raising the gas tax in Iowa will continue to be at the forefront during this year’s legislative session.

District 47 State Representative Chip Baltimore doesn’t believe that raising the gas tax should be the only solution to funding shortages for roads and bridges in the state.

He instead would like to examine two other potential solutions.  One aspect that Baltimore wants to look at is the state’s transportation funding between the urban and rural areas.  TIME-21 was created in the late 2000’s when money was shifted from rural to urban areas.

“Well now that those urban projects have been completed, we need to shift more of that existing funding away from the urban areas back to the rural areas and see what kind of relief we get to our county roads and bridges just with that additional funding that already exists.”

Baltimore points out another opportunity to use existing money is from the increase in the federal gas tax.  He wants to try and divert some of those additional funds directing to rural roads and bridges.

A concern from his constituents is that they don’t want to bond in their counties to improve roads and bridges.

If you have comments or questions regarding the gas tax, contact Baltimore at


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