alliant energyQualified Jefferson residents can take advantage of a program offered by Greene County New Opportunities and Alliant Energy.

The Alliant Energy Home Energy Savers program can help qualified individuals upgrade energy efficiencies. There is a sliding scale for income guidelines in order to qualify. For an average household of four, the minimum yearly income level is $50,200 and the maximum level is $75,300. For a single-person home, the minimum is $24,280 and the maximum is $36,420. The improvements are based on the recommendations from your energy audit.

Some of the upgrades that can be made with this program include, but are not limited to: air sealing, furnace tuneup or replacement, insulation, refrigerator or freezer replacement and water heater insulation or replacement. Alliant Energy will pay 85-percent of the total project cost, while the homeowner pays the remaining 15-percent.

Interested individuals must contact New Opportunities Coordinator Teresa Lansman at 386-2719 to schedule an appointment.