hs_bubbaAs federal investigations continue into the allegations of President Donald Trump and the recent Russian election meddling, local political figures are voicing their remarks. Iowa House District 20 Republican nominee Ray “Bubba” Sorensen says the ongoing investigation is simply a distraction. He does hope that these circumstances will shed some light on increased voter regulations.

“The sanctity of our elections is very important but it seems like to the left it’s only important if it involves President Trump and Russia. In my opinion if they truly cared about the sanctity of our elections, they would support voter ID (regulations). You need a license to drive. You need a license to fly and to register at places and for events. Why wouldn’t you want to know if an Iowan, specifically a District 20 Iowan, was voting at your polling place?”

Sorensen does say that he thinks the current administration is doing their part to increase election security, including its interactions with Russia. “The U.S. (government), they have to be prepared to respond to all forms of Russian aggression. That means both cyberspace and the tangible world. I think we’re taking steps to that but the Russia investigation in my mind has precisely zero impact on our day-to-day lives.”

Sorensen will face Democratic nominee Warren Varley in the general election in November. To hear more from Sorensen on these and other topics, listen to today’s Let’s Talk Guthrie County program.