White Pole Road in Stuart is now reopened following an incident with a propane tanker Monday afternoon. ]

Stuart Fire Chief Mike Renslow gave the all clear just before 6 p.m., saying that the road west of City Hall near Stuart Bowl was once again open. As heard live on Raccoon Valley Radio, a propane tanker had broken off a semi-trailer at about 12:15 p.m. and lay on its side in the east ditch of White Pole Road near North Sherman Street. Stuart Fire and Rescue and Iowa State Patrol troopers evacuated the area from White Pole Road to North 3rd Street and from North Main to North Madison Streets. Traffic was also rerouted as White Pole Road was closed from Division Street to Madison Street. No leak was detected from the tanker, and no injuries have been reported. Raccoon Valley Radio will bring you more information as it becomes official.