As thousands of people fled to Adel  for the Sweet Corn Festival this last weekend, they probably participated in a lot of different events; visiting booths, eating a lot of food, and enjoying great music. The ADM volleyball team probably did the same as well, but they also participated in the 5k run Saturday morning.

The team has run the race annually, and though it might be designed more as a fun run, for this team, it can’t hurt for a little conditioning as well. As ADM starts up the practice schedule with two-a-days this week, any creative way to get a little bit of exercise is always going to help the program going forward.

The Lady Tigers also had some wonderful success as well, as Abbie Hlas finished first from all the runners on the team. The Sweet Corn Festival is one of the best events in the area every single year, and hopefully helped prepare ADM for a potentially sweet volleyball season.