The Perry Community School District has been able to keep more students on-site after implementing new mask guidelines.

Last month the Perry School Board decided to update its mask policy following new guidance from Governor Kim Reynolds that restructures quarantine procedures if a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19. 

Since then, Superintendent Clark Wicks says students have really responded to the new guidelines and are working hard to stay in school, “I’m thrilled. The kids and the staff, they want to be here. After they did all that online stuff in the spring last year, a lot of them are going, ‘Hey, we need to be back, we need to be active, we need to have discipline.’ School is sometimes a bit difficult to grind on through, but that’s part of life. So that’s worked out very well.”

In the first two weeks following the implementation of the mask mandate, Wicks says 47 students were able to stay in school that would have had to quarantine if they weren’t wearing a mask. The next goal of the Board is to bring back all students on-site except those who can’t because of medical concerns. The Board hopes to have a plan ironed out in the next month.