The filing deadline for local elections in November is fast approaching.

Guthrie County Auditor Dani Fink reminds Guthrie Center residents that the mayor seat and three council seats are open, while residents of the Guthrie Center School District have three seats open on the school board. She tells Raccoon Valley Radio when and where those who decided to run for the seats need to turn in their papers.

“Filing deadline is Thursday, September 21st at 5pm. If someone is interested in filing for Guthrie Center for the City, they would file here at the (County) Auditor’s Office by 5pm on the 21st. If they’re interested in the school for the school board seats, they would file with the school board secretary by 5pm on the 21st.”

Adair County Auditor Mandy Berg mentions that there are two seats up for election on the Adair – Casey School Board, and that those interested in filing need to turn their papers in to the Adair – Casey Board Secretary. Berg says that there are also two council seats open in the City of Stuart, and candidates for those seats will need to submit their papers to the Adair County Auditor’s Office. Dallas County Elections Administrator Kim Owens advises candidates for the three seats on the West Central Valley School Board that they’ll need to file their candidacy papers with the West Central Valley School Board Secretary.

Fink adds that there are four district director positions open on the Panorama School Board, and the mayor seat and four council seats up for the City of Panora. School Board candidates will need to file with the school board secretary, and candidates for Panora mayor and council members will need to file with the Guthrie County Auditor’s Office.