A Jefferson man was arrested for an alleged felony drug possession.

According to court documents, a Greene County Sheriff’s Deputy was giving 41-year-old Anthony Kennedy a ride back to Jefferson on July 19th. Kennedy told the deputy he was kicked out of his mother’s vehicle along 220th Street following an argument and he was walking back to Jefferson.

As the deputy was giving Kennedy a ride, he checked with Greene County Dispatch to see if there were any outstanding warrants on Kennedy. Dispatch confirmed there was one Dallas County arrest warrant for an alleged larceny incident. The deputy then transported Kennedy to the Greene County Jail. 

Court documents show that when Kennedy arrived at the jail, the deputy checked him for any items on him and found a wallet that had a plastic baggie with a crystalline substance inside, which was believed to be methamphetamine. The baggie was removed for evidence and sent to the Criminalistics Laboratory for testing. On September 26th, the results were positive for methamphetamine weighing 0.29 grams. Kennedy was then charged with a Class D Felony for his third or subsequent offense for possession of methamphetamine. 

An arrest warrant was issued earlier this month and Kennedy was arrested this past Friday and booked into the Greene County Jail. Raccoon Valley Radio will bring you more information as it becomes official.