During the anticipation of competing at a new location after a season of remote play, the Tigers of ADM express genuine excitement. As a team that has only played remote this year, they are already coming up with a game plan on how to keep the excitement, but also compete at their highest ability. Isaac Hatchitt had this to say when asked about how it feels to be relocating in a new environment. “Focus on the screen focus on where we are at. Yes it is nice to take in the scenery and look at it and see crowd, but when you sit in that chair and when it’s game time you should focus on that game think about it don’t try to get distracted just deep breaths slowing down being patient. ” 
Despite their remarkable success this year, the team maintains a grounded perspective. They are acutely aware of the delicate balance between confidence, approaching each match with a winning mindset while acknowledging the unpredictability and toughness of their opponents. “we usually talk about what did we do right and what did we do wrong…if we lose first round then almost always we’ll come back second round and make sure that all right we learn what they do and let’s clobber them this time cause we’re really good at adapting and I think that’s how we made it this far.” As Riley Ostrem confidently put it.