DOT plow truck on Highway 30 in Greene County. Photo courtesy of Iowa DOT

Dallas County Emergency Management Coordinator AJ Seely comments on the money spent so far on snow removal in the state.

Over the week period in January that the state received all the snow, the amount was just shy of $500,000 over the week, according to Seely. He explains that much money isn’t typical in such a shortened time period. Seely tells Raccoon Valley Radio what the difference is in a normal winter season.
“Typically in a normal winter season, you have less significant events spread out versus this one, you kind of had multiple events if you will almost with the redrifting, so instead of plowing five times in a two-month period, we’re plowing five times in a one-week period because of that heavy snowfall drift.”
Seely encourages citizens to download the “Iowa 511” app or visit the DOT’s website to stay updated on weather delays or road closures.