With so much emphasis on keeping student athletes safe on the field, sports programs that have an athletic trainer helps to provide for better injury care.

ADM’s Abby Miller is starting her second full season with the Tigers athletic programs.  Athletic Director Doug Gee says Miller shows dedication to all the ADM sports by going to early morning practices, attending most games and meets and doing other activities like providing pre-concussion screenings to all of the Tiger football players earlier this month.

Gee points out two key factors into why having an athletic trainer is so important for any sports program.

“One it’s really nice as a coach to never have to worry about evaluating an injury, if somebody gets hurt, you got a trainer there that can come out and evaluate it so both liability-wise and for the safety of the athlete to have somebody there that’s trained and that’s all they do and she’s very good at it.  And then to have somebody there too, yeah I was talking to them about stretching properly (and) eating correctly, doing all the things that you can do to prevent any kind of injury.”

He is very appreciative of what Miller does and is looking forward to having her continue support and help throughout the 2013-14 school year.

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