We are now less than a week away from the first fall athletic competitions for Adel-DeSoto-Minburn high school and students and adults alike are ready to watch players on the field or on the court.

Tigers Athletic Director Doug Gee says high school sports is all about the students and the fans and he comments that he hasn’t had a problem with anyone showing inappropriate behavior which is what he prides the school and its athletic programs on.

“I’ll tell you what, our students are fantastic.  And we’re probably, I guess in their eyes I’m sure a little too strict as far as what we allow them to say and not say and as far as what we allow them to do.  Because we definitely want to portray good sportsmanship as far as from our fans to the officials and to the other team.  And I want our kids to be excited.”

Starting his sixth year as ADM’s AD, Gee points out that he’s never had to kick a student out of a game because they were being unruly.

The first official home varsity contest for the fall season for the Tigers will be on Friday, August 30th when the ADM football team squares off against Dallas Center-Grimes.


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