i_love_linden_iowa_tshirt-r55cf0db2e1d349199da83b90f2c38090_804gs_324The 10th Annual Linden Daze festival will take place this weekend. Although the small city has a population of less than 200, organizer Judy Hutchins says thanks largely to their well known car show and softball tournament Linden Daze has grown into a regional event. “I think we can get anywhere from the local area and with the ball tournaments we get people coming from places like Fort Dodge, Perry and Des Moines. We’ve been pulling a lot of people from Greene County and Polk County. We’ve been trying to get our ball tournament more popular and are trying to get lights for the ballfield, allowing us to play longer into the night.”

Linden Daze festivities start Saturday morning at 7 a.m. with a community breakfast sponsored by the Linden Lions Club.

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