dallas-county3The Dallas County Auditor’s office says additional checks are being put in place to ensure they won’t have another discrepancy in election results.

A human error caused 5,842 absentee ballots to not be counted in the total results.

The Secretary of State notified the County of a discrepancy between the number of voters that were given vote credit and what was reported for the general election in November.

Dallas County Elections Deputy Kim Owen says this happened because there were two separate runs in the reporting software, one that keeps absentee ballots separate and another that includes those ballots with the election day precinct totals.
“After all the precinct results were loaded into the totals group of the reporting software, the absentee batches were moved into the totals group.  During this process, due to human error, not all of the absentee batches were transferred into the totals group.”

A difference between the voter participation reports and the canvass totals was uncovered on February 1st.

The Auditor’s office has compared the canvassed results to the corrected vote totals and found all races changed proportionally.  Therefore, the discrepancy did not result in outcome changes in any of the races.

Owen and Auditor Julia Helm say they are reviewing policies and procedures, adding in additional checks and are confident this discrepancy will not happen again.

You can see the full list of reported and updated results in the document below.

Dallas County General Election Comparison