A couple rounds of severe weather kicked the Raccoon Valley Radio Severe Weather Action Team into high gear Monday night.

The National Weather Service first issued a severe thunderstorm warning at 6:23pm for Greene County, as well as northeastern Guthrie and northwestern Dallas counties until 7pm. Shortly after that, a tornado warning was issued at 6:29pm for southeastern Greene, northeastern Guthrie and northwestern Dallas counties also until 7pm. The tornado threat was radar indicated, but no actual confirmation was given by trained weather spotters or law enforcement that a tornado was on the ground.

Then a second round of tornado warnings were issued at 6:39pm for southeastern Greene and northwestern Dallas counties until 7:27pm. A tornado was confirmed by law enforcement north of Perry High School. Dallas County Emergency Management Coordinator AJ Seely said the tornado touched the ground northeast of the high school, traveled along 130th Street and lifted back up into the sky near Bouton. He confirmed that there was no reports of damage. As for Guthrie County, the Sheriff’s office confirmed no immediate reports of damage either.

Greene County Emergency Management Coordinator Dennis Morlan said he dispatched weather spotters and had Sheriff’s Deputies out in the warned areas of Grand Junction and Rippey. At no time was there any confirmation of tornadic activity reported or any immediate reports of damage. However, the severe weather sirens were activated in Jefferson, as per protocol, but Jefferson wasn’t under the tornado warning.

There were eight Raccoon Valley Radio staff members, along with listener reports and Weather Eye Meteorologists involved in our Severe Weather Action Team coverage. The one to count on for severe weather coverage is the Raccoon Valley Radio Network.