Photo courtesy of Dallas County Sheriff's Office
Photo courtesy of Dallas County Sheriff’s Office

The recent weather was once again the primary topic of discussion when the Samuels Group gave their latest update on the new Dallas County Law Enforcement Center.

The construction managers said the cold snap experienced at the end of November wreaked havoc on the progress of construction, forcing the contractors to adjust on the fly. In spite of the difficulties, the Samuels Group was proud to say the facility is still on track to be completed in late October of 2019. They added, the contractors are close to having everything enclosed, with around 80% of the concrete work completed and 50% of the masonry. Sheriff Chad Leonard said people have constantly asked him about how far along construction is, and he’s glad when he can give them good news.

“We get a lot of questions every week coming in about what’s going on out there and the progression. So the main portion of the building, it’s all enclosed (and) basically it looks like they’ve installed all the heating stuff just for the contractors to continue working throughout the winter. And it seems like there’s folks out there seven days a week working, (and) I’m out there numerous times every week just checking on the progress and answering questions.”

The Samuels Group recently presented the latest pay application for the project, which included payments made to eight contractors for a total of $602,492.71, and was approved by the Board of Supervisors. The payment was less than most of the recent applications, but representatives said it should jump back up next month as billing catches up. The Samuels Group also mentioned that there is still around $600,000 in the contingency log, which is where they were hoping it would be at this point, and it should even climb back up with more bond premium set to come in soon. See below for a full list of recent payments and the contractors receiving them.

Samuels Group — General Requirements — $59,070.59
Samuels Group — Construction Management Fee — $23,170.99
Samuels Group — FF&E — $718.41
Team Services — Testing Agent — $1,568.49
Neuman Brothers — Concrete — $34,386.20
Midwest Masonry — Masonry — $176,700.00
U.S. Erectors — Metals — $47,627.74
Continental Fire Sprinkler — Fire Protection — $33,085.22
L.A. Fulton & Sons — Plumbing and HVAC — $121,505.00
Van Maanen — Electrical — $104,660.08