The Panorama School Board met in regular session Monday.

The meeting began with the Board approving the first reading of Board policies regarding the student activity fund, internal controls, expenditures for a public purpose, use of public funds, and community use of school district facilities and equipment. Next, the Board approved Ahlers & Cooney, P.C. as the 2019-2020 district attorney, and approved exhibits for Superintendent Shawn Holloway to present to the School Budget Review Committee on October 15th.

Holloway says they are requesting a modified supplemental amount of about $30,000 due to an unexpected large increase in their electricity bill from the City that occurred last fall. “So what we’re trying to do now is last fall we worked with the City and they’ve given us a phase-in option over three or four years so all is good there. But now that the (fiscal) year is over we had spend about $34,000 more in electricity, and so since that was an unforeseen situation I can go back to the school board review committee to try to recoup that spending authority.”

Finally, the Board approved a $9,000 purchase of a grand piano, and baseball and softball coaching contracts for next year.