The Greene County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday, due to the Memorial Day holiday on Monday. 

The Board announced additional plans for opening the Greene County Courthouse on June 3rd. The driver’s license, veteran’s affairs and mental health services will be by appointment only. The rest of the departments in the courthouse will have lines to direct foot traffic, while the east door will be the only entrance and the north door will be the only exit. Additionally, public restrooms will remain closed, only one set of stairs and the elevator will be accessible. Face masks will not be required but encouraged by the public and county employees.

County Attorney Thomas Laehn said a new order from the Iowa Supreme Court delays in-person proceedings until July 13th and jury trials until September 14th. 

The Board then approved hiring Reed Larson as a full time equipment III operator for the Secondary Roads Department, with an hourly wage of $21.58. Additionally, the Board approved an amendment to the current fiscal year budget as presented, drainage district assessment schedule and waiver rate of six-percent, and the medical examiner rate of $200 per case and medical examiner investigator rate for Greene County Sheriff Jack Williams and Greene County Ambulance Director Michele Madsen of $100 per case when they are not on regular duty.