The Republican candidate for Iowa’s Fourth Congressional District recently made a campaign stop at the Greene County Republican Party Fall Fundraiser.

Iowa Senator Randy Feenstra defeated incumbent Steve King in the June primary election for the Republican nomination. He talked about the devastation that the derecho storm from August brought across the state and in particular the Fourth Congressional District.

“My heart goes out to the farming community. It’s painful, but we’re going to work through it. We’re going to expand our trade efforts, we’re going to make sure that we get more gallons of RFS (renewable fuel standards) with ethanol, and we just got to help our farming community out. When our farming community is successful, our main streets are successful. When our main streets are successful, our hospitals are successful. It goes on and on. I’m pretty excited to make a difference if I get to Congress, and help businesses, and families, and agriculture.”

Feenstra adds he is doing what he can to campaign during the pandemic with safety guidelines in mind. He is running for Iowa’s Fourth Congressional District seat against Democrat challenger J.D. Scholten.