The State has officially surpassed 200,000 positive COVID-19 cases as numbers rise throughout the Raccoon Valley Radio listening area. 

According to the State Coronavirus Dashboard Friday, Dallas County has a total of 5,752 positive cases, ninth-most in the State. There have been 3,356 recoveries and 54 deaths. Dallas County has a 19.8% In Greene County, there are 29 more cases compared to Thursday for a total of 437 with 185 recoveries and one death. Greene County has a 25.8% 14-day positivity rate.

According to the State Dashboard Friday, Adair County has seven new cases since Thursday for a total of 388 total cases, 161 recoveries, and six deaths. Adair County has a 19.2% positivity rate. Guthrie County has 13 new positive cases since Thursday, increasing their total to 679 with 371 recoveries and 15 deaths. Guthrie County has a 21.9% 14-day positivity rate.

Statewide there are a total of 203,978 cases, nearly 3,000 more than Thursday, with 114,343 recoveries and 2,135 deaths. The State has a 17.8% 14-day positivity rate.

Additionally, in Region 1 of the Regional Medical Coordination Centers Hospital Data – which includes all of the Raccoon Valley Radio listening area – there are currently 341 hospitalized patients, 96 in Intensive Care Units, and 46 admitted in the last 24 hours. Raccoon Valley Radio will continue to provide the latest information on COVID-19 as it affects the listening area.