Dallas County has added more than 50 new total positive COVID-19 tests since Wednesday. 

According to the State Coronavirus Dashboard, as of Friday, Dallas County has 11,983 total positive tests, for an increase of 59 since Wednesday, and 95 deaths. Guthrie County has 1,238 total positive tests, for an increase of ten since Wednesday, and 28 deaths. Adair County has 957 total positive tests, and 32 deaths. 

According to Greene County Public Health, Greene County has 817 total positive tests, and ten deaths. 

As of Friday, statewide, there are 380,738 total positive tests, and 5,751 deaths. 

Additionally, in Region 1 of the Regional Medical Coordination Centers hospital Data – which includes all of the Raccoon Valley Radio listening area – there are currently 70 hospitalized patients, 9 in intensive care units and 14 admitted in the last 24 hours. Raccoon Valley Radio will continue to provide the latest information on COVID-19 as it affects the listening area.