The Perry City Council approved the plat of survey for the Iowa Street Wetland at their regular meeting Monday.

The Council approved the plat of survey which formally created a parcel that will be utilized as a wetland to collect stormwater drainage in the area. Also, the Council approved the plat of survey to establish the Perry Industrial Park Plat 5 which reconfigures the lot lines in the southwest section of the Perry Industrial Park. The Council then approved a fireworks permit for J&M Displays for the Fourth of July display.

The Council then approved a professional services agreement with Sambatek for an independent fee estimate for the runway 14/32 relocation and extension phase 2 construction and administration and a downtown Perry upper story housing pilot program application for eight units to be rehabilitated at 1216 Second Street.

Then the Council approved setting a public hearing for May 16th for a fiscal year 2022 budget amendment, a rural childcare market study grant application to the Iowa Economic Development Authority with a $5,000 costh sharing match in City funds and the creation of the Hotel Pattee and La Poste fund.

Also, the Council approved  multiple times and dates for a meeting of May 16th at which it is proposed to approve a development agreement with KM Baxter Investments, LLC including annual appropriation tax increment payments in an amount not to exceed $100,000 and Semper Fi Commercial Solutions, LLC in the amount not to exceed $185,000.

Finally, the Council approved the second reading of an ordinance amending the code of ordinance Chapter 99 sewer service charges