At Thursday’s meeting, the Guthrie County Board of Supervisors tabled scheduling the public hearing on their proposed tax levy for next fiscal year.

As well as the notice of the public hearing, the two items were tabled due to not having the documents ready, which was the same reason when the items were tabled at Tuesday’s meeting. They approved the minutes from their January 21st meeting, but tabled the three following meeting minutes as County Auditor Marci McClellan has not presented the minutes to them, and she was out of the office and absent from the Supervisors’ meetings this week.

Finally, the Board directed Marketing Manager Shelley Rowe from project manager The Samuels Group to send her designs for a direct mail postcard and newspaper advertisement for the law enforcement center addition bond referendum before their February 18th meeting. Sheriff Marty Arganbright also gave the Board a tour of the jail and Sheriff’s Office as they are currently full with 14 inmates.